S2E2 – Luke Brown – Exploring Inner Visions

22nd September 2017
Luke Brown - Painting Inner Visions

Well hello there people of good taste!

Happy Autumn Equinox, for it is that time in the annual cycle once again when the Sun begins to dip down a little lower in the sky each day, the trees are bearing their ripe and juicy fruits and dreams are beginning to turn to cosy woollen jumpers and hot cider. Autumn is a beautiful season here in the UK; it’s not too cold, we still get those bright sunny days, but primarily I feel its because we are privileged to bear witness to the very marked changing of our landscape, as the trees, plants and animals begin the process of slowing down, sensing Winter in the near distance.

As we make this transition, I’m back with you again to bring you another conversation with a fascinating, gifted and tuned-in gentleman by the name of Luke Brown. As I mention in the into, this podcast was fortuitous in that I had no idea Luke was going to be my guest until I arrived at my friend Sophia’s house and there he was. It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up and tired though he was, Luke graciously stepped up for a wonderfully entertaining chat covering his entire genesis as an artist. Please go and check out his work, it’s truly quite incredible.

A special mention goes out to Twisted Records for the kindness of allowing me to use Younger Brother’s track Bedtime Story from A Flock of Bleeps, cheers guys! And also to Carl Youri for the lovely photo below documenting the occasion.

Next time on the podcast I’ll be talking with Carl H Smith, Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC) at London’s Ravensbourne University, a man on a mission to explore and define new frontiers of human sensory experience through the creative utilisation of emergent technologies. He’s a dude!


Luke Brown and Jody White pre-Podcast


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  • Growing up in London, Ontario
  • The life-changing effects of an early journey
  • On translating visions into form through creativity
  • Dissecting and displaying the psychedelic experience as a visual artist
  • On early art school experiences in conjunction with psychedelics
  • The sensory and communicative dialogue with entheogenic substances
  • Luke recounts in detail a deeply psycho-spiritual healing with Psilocybin mushrooms
  • Pre and Post-Photoshop and the digital revolution
  • Growing in popularity as a result of digital exposure
  • On travelling, tattooing and moving to Bali
  • Re-mixing digital and analogue methodologies
  • The ups and downs of getting truly focused on the creation process
  • Luke’s digital presence


Luke Brown’s paintings are a beautiful combination of traditional and digital methods of creation, with a specialism in manifesting extraordinary complex entheogenic dimensions. He describes himself as an explorer, part of a new generation of visionary artists  changing the way we view culture and its ties. Most of his works revolve around lucidity and visions obtained through dreaming and sacred plant journeys. These have been the source of his creativity and are clearly reflected in the symmetries and organic, moving surfaces of his work. Digital media allows him to depict his art with incredible detail, closely reflecting the movements of his mind.

Luke is intent on mapping his hyperspatial experiences with utmost accuracy as a form of multidimensional cartography. His works have been shown internationally, alongside such visionary heavyweights such as Alex Grey, HR Giger, Robert Venosa and Ernst Fuchs.


Spectraleyes website
Spectraleyes Facebook page


Younger Brother
Twisted Records
Six Organs of Admittance
Drag City Records

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