S2E1 – Gregory Sams – Sun of God

8th September 2017

Greg Sams - Sun of God


Hello everyone,

A deep bow and many thankyous for joining me once more as The Lumieres Podcast resumes activity after a strangely subdued summer break. As I mention in the intro, the summer break began as an enforced rest period, coming after I was attacked by a dog in late May. To cut a long story shirt, I was walking my partner’s dog Chester in the local park when an English Bull Terrier ran towards us from across the street and basically decided to try to kill him. In the process of furiously saving his life, I ended up with cuts and bite wounds, a case of substantial shock and some mild PTSD. It forced me to cancel my trip to London that weekend for the Breaking Convention conference which I was more than a little gutted about. The good news is both Chester and I are fine and have recovered well but I can honestly say it was one of most violent and scary moments I’ve experienced in recent years.

As I recovered from this trauma, it became clear that it was time to take a break from the podcast and take some time for rest and reflection – so that is what I did. I spent time with family and friends and continued working on my first book which continues to progress well into the second draft phase.

Over the next few months I will be bringing you a variety of fascinating and illuminating conversations with another selection of brilliant and bright humans. I thank you for following and sharing and liking this project of mine and I do hope that life is bestowing you with blessings. If that is not the case, I wish you a calm mind and a strong heart to deal with whatever has been thrown your way.

We kick off this new season of episodes with a veritable bounty, a conversation with pioneer, author and cultural change agent Greg Sams who, along with his brother Craig, was responsible for creating the organic and natural foods movement in the UK. It was a real honour for me to sit down with Greg and tap into his unique perspective on life. It is a fascinating insight into the wonderfully varied escapades of a true pioneer and I do hope you enjoy listening.

’til soon,



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  • Greg’s recent Breaking Convention appearance.
  • Drugs, divine light and Quantum Theory.
  • Zoroastrianism and light worship.
  • On commencing writing Sun of gOd.
  • Greg’s first LSD experience in California.
  • The power of Sunlight.
  • Cultural associations of the Sun  throughout history.
  • The imbalance of global power structures.
  • Greg’s adventures in pioneering organic foods.
  • Growing up with real home-cooked food.
  • Getting into Macrobiotics.
  • Moving to the UK and helping to launch the natural food movement.
  • Learning how to run a food company on the fly.
  • On creating the original VegeBurger.
  • The current Psychedelic renaissance.
  • Greg’s current mission to promote a new perspective on the Sun.
  • The Yin and Yan of things.
  • Making clear choices in life.
  • Moving out of the business world.
  • Pioneering fractal art and discovering chaos theory.


Gregory Sams has been changing the culture from the age of 19, when he operated the historic organic Seed Restaurant in London in the late 1960s. Within a few years he was running the nation’s first natural and organic food enterprise. In 1982 he created and original VegeBurger, initiating the market for vegetarian food in the process.

In 1990 Greg moved from food to fractals, opening the world’s only shop dedicated to new science “chaos theory,” publishing and licensing fractal art worldwide. He then turned to writing, with his first book Uncommon Sense, published in 1998, exploring the lesson chaos theory holds for humanity. His next book, Sun of gOd, explored the profound implications of what was once common knowledge throughout the globe. In 2013 it was time to re-release an upgrade to his first book, retitled The State is Out of Date: We Can Do It Better.


Greg ‘s website
Greg on Facebook
Greg on Youtube


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