S2E5 – Sophia Efthimiou – Singing Ourselves Home

21st December 2017



It’s been a while listeners but yes, I’m back with another very special Winter Solstice 2017 edition of the Lumieres Podcast. My guest for Episode 14 is singer, choir-leader and music teacher Sophia Efthimiou.

A bit of backstory for you… I first met Sophia years ago at what was then Wildheart Gathering where she was leading a singing workshop and I went along to participate. That experience touched me and we kept in touch. As life would have it, a couple of years later she move into the shared house I lived in, nestled in the shadow of the South Downs, and we spent a couple of years bonding over all the good stuff – music, spirituality, mildly inappropriate humour, cooking and being a little bit OCD about cleaning! She is a very dear friend of mine and I’ve been privy to witness the sheer determination and talent in what she does, as well experience the deeply unifying, heart-warming feelings that often result from one of her singing sessions.

Sophia is a very busy woman, running a handful of extremely popular choirs in the South-East of England as well as holding singing circles at various festivals. She’s even offering a singing holiday to Turkey next year on a boat! She is a warm, frequently hilarious and genuine soul who really embodies the message I’m trying to put across via the medium of this podcast; she shines her unique light into the world. Back before this project even started, I asked her about coming on as I knew it would make for a fascinating listen. For one reason or another we kept missing each other until a few weeks back in November when I was down in Sussex staying at the old house. The time was right, we had a wonderful chat and I’m very happy to present this episode to you now on this December day of light, sun, the closing of another cycle and the steady return of longer, warmer days to our wild northerly shores.

A special thanks for the wonderful photography goes to Carl Sullivan aka Carl Youri. You can check out his work here.

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Until the next time (which will be a new year’s treat!)



You can reach me via Facebook or Instagram, or send a message through the form on this website. If you enjoyed this episode, learned something or feel suitably inspired, then please consider sharing it with your friends and amongst your social networks. I’d be most grateful!


Sophia is singer, choir leader and music teacher based in London and Sussex. She has a unique and infectious style, bringing a sweet balance of humour and depth to her workshops. Her warm and playful nature creates a sense of ease and unity, enabling everyone to drop into a space that is both held and free. Her own dance and movement practices naturally inform her leadership style, helping to bring the voice back into the body where it belongs.

She collects and teaches songs from different cultures and traditions from around the world, leading harmony singing workshops with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to bring out the natural voice and reinforce our innate human ability to make music. Her singing workshops are soul inspiring, heart warming and empowering, creating a sense of euphoria and connection for everyone involved.


Singing Ourselves Home


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