S1E7 – Mark Golding – The Magic of Mandala

21st April 2017

Mark Golding - Frog

Welcome once more one and all to another episode of the Lumieres Podcast.

I’ve been away for a week sequestered inside a cosy little cabin in Norfolk putting the finishing touches to the first draft of my book (coming along very nicely now), hence why this episode is a week behind the usual bi-weekly momentum. If you’ve been hankering after some more deep and juicy heart medicine in the form of a long-form conversation then this episode will not disappoint.

I first met Mark Golding in Brighton as a young man probably ten years ago, when my friend Guy and I went to his home to discuss making a website for his antiques business. I was enchanted then by the weird and wonderful decor and the palpable feeling of magic which Mark imbued the space with. I’ve since enjoyed following Mark’s path from afar as he’s evolved his being into the magical artist, teacher and myth-maker he is today.

What you are about to hear is very personal, open and honest and I thank Mark deeply for his ability to so clearly and warmly elucidate the very moving stories of his life. There is so much wisdom within these words and I do hope you can feel it.

Until the next time, I wish you well,



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  • Inside Mark’s woodland cabin
  • The esoteric foundations of Mark’s creative process
  • How a friend’s cancer initiated his journey with drawing
  • Imaginary medicine and the importance of detaching from outcome
  • Buddhism and the practices which help Mark get into the zone
  • The balance of Sutra and Tantra
  • Miraculous choreography and global transformation
  • Understanding everything as our responsibility
  • The very personal story of the discovery and regeneration of St. Helen’s Spring
  • Opening the Crown Chakra of Hastings
  • Mark’s magical relationship to the element of Water and the power of transformation
  • Arriving here, from there – via the element of Fire
  • On Enlightenment and teaching through Mandala
  • The joys of family and being a Grandfather
  • Working selflessly for future generations
  • Beautiful opportunity in times of chaos
  • The time is Now


Mark Golding, was born in London in 1955 –

He says…

‘Life is a flow, a journey of multi-sensory experiences, that I have chosen to record, using the visual medium. Each drawing explores a specific intention with regard to the viewers experience, with nothing being too obscure, esoteric or wonderful to represent.’

Described as ‘Psychoactive Art’ and ‘Healing Mandalas’, Mark’s work engages the viewer on a powerful subliminal level, and activate dormant powers, and create tendencies of inner peace, and initiate profound growth. His work has been sold in America, Europe, Australia, Great Britain and the Middle East, and has been published in book form.

Mark has, in his time, been a hospital chaplain, a poet, an author, a meditation teacher, a dealer in antiques, an art historian and a collector of old gemstones.




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