S1E3 – Sarah Janes – Dream Yourself Awake

15th February 2017

The Dream by Henri Julien Rousseau

Greetings fellow earthlings,

In this episode of the podcast I met with the wonderful Sarah Janes and we went deep into one of my favourite subjects: Dreams. I’ve been fascinated by my own dreams since I was a child and over the years have had numerous magical and mystical experiences within the dreamstate. My efforts to work with full lucidity still need some training but intuition and personal experiences have long showed me the powerful benefits.

I met Sarah via the Explorers Club. I’ve been to a couple of the Explorers Club events that she runs here in St. Leonards-on-sea and found them to be delightfully mind-expanding. It’s a neat concept that is noticeably popular around Hastings – self-hosted, self-promoted & reasonably priced events. They are intimate and inherently social occaisions and Sarah often cooks up delicious food into the bargin. Good food, good people, good knowledge – what more could you ask for?

So – I do hope you enjoy this epsiode – Sarah really knows her shit as you will hear. Perhaps you’ll get inspired to pay a little more attention to your dreaming life and the potential keys it may hold. By consciously working with our dreams we can unlock the hidden powers of the mind-body connection.

Look after yourselves and I’ll see you next time for a really special conversation with the one-and-only Dr. Martin Shaw – Mythologist, Storyteller, Author and Teacher.

Until then, be well!


[Image credit – Henri Julien Rousseau – The Dream (1910) – via Wikipedia]


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Sarah Janes is a Lucid Dreaming expert and Dream Researcher with a passion for all things sleep related. She is the founder of Explorers Club – a series of regular talks on topics that traverse the mystical spectrum from Philosophy and Spirituality to Psychedelics and Dreaming.  She is also currently writing a book about Mnemosyne, the Greek Goddess of Memory and her role in the Sleep Temples of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.




  • St Leonards-on-Sea vs Glastonbury
  • The healing springs of Hastings
  • Scatterlings and being claimed by a place
  • Community roots and the DIY ethic in Hastings
  • The roots of Sarah’s dreaming practice
  • Dreams as a ‘Memory Palace’
  • Lucid dreaming and personal mythology
  • Exploring the dream experience
  • Collective consciousness and Remote viewing
  • Symbology as the language of dreams
  • Changing our perceptions of what constitutes reality
  • The cyclical nature of time and it’s relationship to memory
  • Dreaming abilities and evolution
  • Technology’s effect on our hormonal rhythms
  • Healing and the Mind-Body connection
  • The potential of dream incubation and reviving Sleep Temples
  • Looking to the future and a more aware society
  • Co-operative dreamtime stories and working with children


Explorers Club
Mark Golding – Dance the Deep Line


Six Organs of Admittance
Drag City Records


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