Chimera Release Special

7th March 2022


Welcome back once again to the Lumieres Podcast! – Yes, somehow I’m still here and this is really happening, you are not dreaming… or maybe you are. Either way, today I have a very special episode of the Lumieres Podcast to share with you, because today is the day that my first book, Chimera, is released!


Chimera: Living Through Leukaemia, A Memoir – to give it it’s full title – is the alchemical story of my teenage near-death initiation. Here’s the blurb:

Jody White’s eighteenth year of life filled his heart with young love – only to break him apart. Diagnosed with a rare form of Acute Leukaemia, he was given just two weeks to live

After a whirlwind of intensive treatment, and close to death, he dreamed his way into the care of a wizened cowboy, his own personal SWAT team, and a mysterious old crone who wanders the desert collecting wolf bones.

Chimera is an alchemical dive into teenage illness, a near-death initiation framed by the innate, mythic stories that touch all our lives.

I’m really proud and excited about this book. And I still can’t quite believe it’s actually out there starting it’s journey in the world.

I decided to launch it with a crowdfunder last Summer. Over 100 backers raised around £5K to support the production of the first copies of the book, with 20% of that going to charity. This was a very special moment for me and I’m so thankful to all those who supported the project. If any of you are listening, once again, thankyou so very much.

Because not only was there the pandemic to contend with, the latter half of 2021 also brought with it perhaps the most stressful six months in my personal life I think I’ve ever I’ve been through. Without going into too much detail, with all the challenge and emotional turmoil that was stirred up, there were days I wasn’t sure quite how I was going to move forward. Yet quite bizarrely, there was still an underlying sense that it was all part of the flow of my life, something to be ridden out, rather than raged against. Dedicating myself to finishing the book got me through.


I’ve been getting some really lovely reviews coming in from some of those early backers, as well as from a recent blog tour of bookstagrammers. Here’s just a few things people have been saying on the Good Reads website:

“Cancer, leukemia, chemotherapy; words we’re all familiar with but not necessarily what you might want to read about. Except Jody has written about his own teenage experience of them in such a way that I literally couldn’t put this book down. Beautifully written, this powerful and moving memoir is full of hope and positivity”Jo Arnott

Jody’s moving and humbling account of his journey with leukemia is thoroughly engrossing and wonderfully written.”Owen Shiers

“Jody takes us through his illness and his treatment with such clarity, and covering so many aspects of his emotional, and sometimes medication fuelled, inner world that it literally feels like living (and dying) each moment with him.”Sarah Arguile


“Eye-opening, raw and important, I think this one everyone needs to read in their lifetime.” @heidiandherbooks

A beautifully written and heartfelt memoir”@wee_glasgow-bookworm

“Thankyou for helping us to understand the fragile thread of life is to be cherished and never taken for granted.”@chapmanschaptersandpages

So, sounds like a pretty good read right? Well, if you want to read it you can buy the book online now at your favourite platform, be it Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and many more.

If you do decide to purchase it, really hope you enjoy reading, it’s been a labour of love, but judging from how it has been received so far, one well worth the effort.

For those who read it, please consider writing a short review on whichever platform you bought it from when you’re done. If you can copy that to the book’s Good Reads page you’ll get extra special brownie points. Just search for ‘Jody White Chimera’ on there and it should come up.

To find out more and sign-up for a free preview PDF of the first two chapters, go to my website at There are also a few remaining signed crowdfunder copies available to purchase direct from me on the shop page too.


But this is a podcast Jody, I hear you ask? Yes, it is. And…. I have also been recording an audiobook version of Chimera for all of you who prefer to listen to your literature these days. Seems to be an ever-growing number of folks actually, myself included.

Whilst that is a couple of months away from being done, as a very special book launch day treat, I thought I’d present the first two chapters exclusively here now for you lovely listeners. If you’re still with me after all this time off, then you are hardcore and I salute you to the absolute max.

Stay safe out there,



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I have always offered this podcast in the spirit of the gift. It is not, and never will be, a for-profit enterprise. At the present time, many self-employed artists and creative types, myself included, are struggling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. My usual income has dried up.

If you have enjoyed the episodes I’ve put out and are able to show a small token of your appreciation financially, that support would be gratefully accepted.


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