About The Lumieres Podcast

The Lumieres Podcast is a series of conversational interviews with folks who positively shine. You know, those people whose hearts are quite clearly calibrated towards forging, as Charles Eisenstein has termed it, “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”. It is my belief that when we follow an inner calling and take real steps towards whatever it is that truly sets us alight, we become like a fiery beacon in the dead of night. We stand bright and proud for all to see. This energy radiates out to reach others, lighting them up.

I envision this podcast as a slowly weaving thread, linking together different people, experiences, beliefs and perspectives. Along this journey we will meet musicians and artists, researchers and educators, social business advocates, journalists, ecologists and activists to name but a few of the many many characters who are out there in the world passionately sharing their gifts.

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Keep shining your lights.