When I was just seventeen and still very much a boy, I was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia and given two weeks to live. In the haze of treatment that followed, I walked the line between my aliveness and my dying, undergoing a kind of enforced initiation into the axis where mind, body and soul meet. I was eventually cured via a Bone Marrow Transplant after we discovered my younger sister was an almost completely perfect match. As you might imagine, that experience fundamentally changed my outlook on life and has taken me the best part of ten years to even begin to understand and integrate.

After my recovery, I found myself engaged on the archetypal inner journey. I had many questions about what it means to be alive and kicking in these human bodies we wear. Along the way I explored and experimented, trying to keep one ear on the song of my heart. I studied kundalini yoga, embraced dance and free movement, began to craft my own tinctures and took an interest in wild foods.

Ten years post-transplant I re-initiated myself thorugh participation in the ceremonial use of plant medicines in the jungles of South America and the high desert of Mexico. Several years of contemporary shamanistic work followed, incorporating energetic healing, conscious dreamwork and practical magic, all while developing my skills as a musician, writer and designer.

I’m currently producing my first book, a memoir of sorts about that cancerous whirlwind of a year. I also tend to my habit as a fermentation addict, sniffing my strange buckets of kombucha brew and carefully crafting my krauts and kimchi. I love to walk and sit in amongst the old trees, feel the sun on my face and remember my place in the vastness of things.

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